Welcome to Creating Natural Laughter!

Zoom this Friday,
April 24,
6pm - 7pm

The secrets of "Natural Laughter" are
body awareness and movement.
We start by teaching you how to be aware of sensations in your body using chi-energy.

Change your Mood!
Notice good sensations in your body during laughter and while smiling.
Promote Yourself from Within.

Mission Statement

Scout Somerville-Great Article about Laughter PDF

Let's get together and laugh together!
Check out our videos of four laughter leaders below
or videos of different ways to laugh

Four laughter leaders
at our laughter club. See the videos

Tina Cabral, Laughter Leader

  Tina shows different ways to relax and be easy going with yourself.


Jon H, Laughter Leader

  Jon Hindmarsh is brilliant with body movement and laughter.

Sandra Daitch

  Sandra shows how you can massage yourself and enhance the experience with laughter.

Walter Ness

  Walter teaches about a dozen different ways to laugh using Interactive Mindfulness techniques. He specializes in Ecstatic Laughter.

Mission Statement:

To teach people how to create natural laughter, any time, under any situation. Feel terrible, switch into laughter and change your mood.

To teach people how to experience happy sensations in their face when they smile. Feel bad, switch into experiencing happy sensations created by the body. This does not define what makes you happy, it just allows you to feel happy sensations for a little while.

To teach people how to go into holograms and increase their mental abilities. We do this at the end of the laughter session.

I seek to find good things, sensations and thoughts in myself and others, at all times. When asked why I do this I reply, "I've had a difficult life. I don't need a refill."

I feel very comfortable in the world of Life Energy Awareness.

We are the only laughter club that teaches the mechanics of laughter.
Over a dozen different ways to laugh.

YouTube Videos
We have taken laughter techniques and put them on stage.

Somerville Laughter Club

Laughing the Mexican
Hat Dance Song



Our Laughter Leaders
Each brings a different style of laughter for the group to enjoy.

Jon Hindmarsh
Tina Cabral
Walter Ness & Smiling Anime
Sandra Daitch

Here is some information from Self Magazine

50% is the percentage by which your blood vessels can widen when you're laughing, compared to when you're stressed. To get that same heart-healthy benefit, you'd have to either get a prescription for cholesterol-lowering drugs or bank up to 10 full minutes of cardio for every minute of laughter. "We believe that laughter actually protects against heart disease," says study author Michael Miller, MD., professor of medicine at the University of Maryland. Laughter=ZenLaughter increases gamma brain waves, the same ones activated during meditation, to make you feel focused and alert but also calm.
A funny trick for flat abs? Laughter yoga, which combines yogic breathing with giggles, activates your internal obliques 150 percent more than crunches do. 1 sugar free fudge pop. Roughly what you burn off if you laugh for 15 minutes straight.

A good laugh is equal to 10 minutes on a rowing machine.
Add laughter to your daily exercise routine.