Let's get together and laugh together!
Explore laughter and life energy with "Laughter Guy" Walter Ness.
Check out our videos of different ways to laugh.

we are taking December off
See you Friday, January 20

Here's what we have planned:

Traditional laughter techniques
Nudge your mind and body into laughter using over a dozen ways to laugh

How to take a happiness break will be presented by Linda Clave.

• What makes a person happy is a Personal Choice that varies from person to person. This type of happiness is based upon satisfaction "That your personal need has been met."
• Showing how to develop a happiness break is not intended to imply or suggest that anyone attending does not know how to be happy.

There will be another workshop following this one. To laughter and smiling we add the use of mind/body techniques.
Chi-Energy Study Group
Insights to chi energy and how to use it to be more mind/body aware
8pm till 9pm.
$5 per person.

Relive any moment of your life with "Holographic Replay"
Become an instant storyteller. All your emotions, images will come alive as you tell your story.

Tap into your greater mental abilities. Using chi energy become aware of an area in your brain that creates images for you. Not only can you see an image of a room, we'll show you how to turn a 2 dimensional image into a 3D image that you can walk around in.

If we don't show you what's possible, how will you ever know it can be done.

$ 5 per person

$5 for the whole family

We are the only laughter club that teaches the mechanics of laughter.

  • We will laugh over 12 different ways, using over 12 different muscle groups.
  • This is for all ages.

YouTube Videos
We have taken laughter techniques and put them on stage.

Somerville Laughter Club

Laughing the Mexican
Hat Dance Song

Present and Former Laughter Leaders

Jon Hindmarsh
Anya Weber
Walter Ness & Smiling Anime

Here is some information from Self Magazine

50% is the percentage by which your blood vessels can widen when you're laughing, compared to when you're stressed. To get that same heart-healthy benefit, you'd have to either get a prescription for cholesterol-lowering drugs or bank up to 10 full minutes of cardio for every minute of laughter. "We believe that laughter actually protects against heart disease," says study author Michael Miller, MD., professor of medicine at the University of Maryland. 


Laughter increases gamma brain waves, the same ones activated during meditation, to make you feel focused and alert but also calm.
A funny trick for flat abs? Laughter yoga, which combines yogic breathing with giggles, activates your internal obliques 150 percent more than crunches do. 

1 sugar free fudge pop. Roughly what you burn off if you laugh for 15 minutes straight. 

A good laugh is equal to 10 minutes on a rowing machine.
Add laughter to your daily exercise routine.