Mission Statement:

To teach people how to create natural laughter, any time, under any situation.
Feel terrible? Switch into laughter and change your mood.

To teach people how to experience happy sensations in their face when they smile.
Feel bad? Switch into experiencing happy sensations created by the body.
This does not define what makes you happy, it just allows you to feel happy sensations for a little while.

To teach people how to go into holograms and increase their mental abilities.
We do this at the end of the laughter session.

I seek to find good things, sensations and thoughts in myself and others, at all times. When asked why I do this I reply, "I've had a difficult life. I don't need a refill."

We are the only laughter club that teaches the mechanics of laughter.
Over a dozen different ways to laugh.

When I was a member of the Arlington Laughter Club, started by Lynn Caesar, I noticed that after the laughter club session people would say, "I wish I could laugh like this at home." It became obvious that people did not know how jump start laughter. I decided to start a new type of laughter club, one dedicated to understanding the mechanics of laughter.

Smiling. I enjoy the happy look on people's faces when they smile. When complimenting people on their smiles I was surprised that most people do not feel the happy sensations on their faces. Most people say, "I feel muscle tension on my face when I smile."

My discovery that there are two ways people experience their bodies. They feel good sensations in them or feel bad sensations in them. The secret of the switching from bad occurs in how we use our eyesight and how we use awareness of chi energy.

This is not an easy topic to talk about. When I showed people in Toronto, Canada how to do this they loved it. I got an email from them a month later that said, "When we told our friends what we were doing they did not understand what we were talking about so we stopped doing it."

I have learned to feel the good in myself and others using chi energy awareness.