Ecstatic Laughter
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Alex Masurovsky interview
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Laughter & Energy
on his show,
"Around One Fern."

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The following videos describe how to use hand, head, chest, ribs and other body areas to create dynamic laughter. Once you can start and stop laughter you can create musical notes, 2, 3, 4 beat to laugh songs.

Everyon looks great laughing. Here's your change to develop "The Great Look"

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When people have trouble laughing, squeezing the left hand turns on the right side of the brain and you start laughing. The squeezing of left or right hand changes the way you laugh.

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video 1

We start with throat, chest, and tummy laughter. You can choose which muscles group creates the laughter for you. Each style creating a different laughter experience. The position of the hands instructs the subconscious which muscle group dominates the laughter experience.

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video 2

The most amazing laughter is rib muscle laugher. Upper and lower ribs muscles are activated by the subconscious just by the placement of the back of your fingers on your ribs.

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video 3

Moving shoulders in and out and moving head up, down or sideways creates unique styles of laughter. The enjoyment is not only of laughter but also of the movement of the muscles creating the laughter.

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video 4

Here you learn how to create 2, 3, 4 laughter beats that you can use to sing/laugh songs, like the Mexican Hat Dance song.

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video 5

To increase laughter allow your torso to move up and down. The torso can undulate in uexpected ways while laughing.

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vidoe 6

Putting together all the exercises from above, all the movement creates ecstatic laughter. The movement is a prelude to having your arms extend outward for maximum experience.

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video 7

While you are enjoying the laughter you may not notice that the muscles creating the laughter are tightening. The greater the squeeze the more intense the laughter.You can change the strength and pleasure of your laughter by consciously relaxing or tightening of the muscles that create the laughter.

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video 8

To get more out of laughter, pay attention to the movement of your body. After laughing, lower your eyes to feel sensations in your body and face.

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video 9

Taking a Happiness Break. Laughter creates happy sensations in the body, learn a better way to feel them.

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video 10